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'Three Hares

'Three Hares


A bonded marble wall plaque featuring three hares. 

In Deven the three hares are called the tinners Rabbits, the connection between the symbol and the tinners may have arisen because the ‘Three Rabbits’ can be found in some of the Dartmoor churches which would have been in mining areas. the actual symbol shows hares and not rabbits then there is a deep hidden history to be found. The motif appearing in sacred sites from the Middle and Far East to the churches of historical synagogues in Europe.

This wall plaque is made with a weather resistant mixture of marble chippings and architectural cement. It is crafted by hand and finished with a stain to give a natural, slightly aged effect and has a metal ring on the back for hanging. It is ideal for displaying on a garden wall, but can also be hung inside your home.

This unique wall plaque would make an ideal gift for famiy or friends.


Approx dimensions

  • Diameter 29 cm
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